ST. LOUIS – A father was spending time with his two children Wednesday and were traveling through downtown St. Louis when the day of fun turned into a nightmare. 

Around 11 a.m., police responded to a report of a shooting at a Shell gas station downtown off North Tucker Boulevard. Witnesses say two people approached a woman with a gun and demanded she hand over her car keys.

Fox 2’s Kelley Hoskins was told that the intended victim pulled out her gun and fired multiple shots. The suspects then fled in their stolen car.  

The father of two, Michael Fields, said the driver of the stolen vehicle ran a red light and crashed into his vehicle at the corner of North Tucker and Convention Plaza, which caused the suspect’s vehicle to flip over.

“The guy stole a car and ran through a light, smashed onto me, and landed on the sidewalk,” he said.

One of the suspects was trying to run from the scene of the crash when Fields said he confronted him. The suspect then pulled out a gun.

“One of the guys was trying to get away and get his stuff out of the car. I apprehended him until the police came,” Fields said. “By the grace of God, he was protecting me. I’m one of God’s children and my car completely totaled out.”

The suspect was taken into police custody. No officers were injured.

Residents want the violence to end.   

“I have been living here for 63 years. This is an area (that) has become a hot spot where the action is happening,” Richard Taylor said.