ST. LOUIS – Robbin Massie stands in front of the burned-down house Sunday morning in south St. Louis where his son, Harrison, once called home.

St. Louis and Richmond Heights Fire Departments were able to put out the fire on the 1900 block of Knox Avenue, but the damage had been done.

“It’s a terrible loss; everything, it meant everything to him,” Massie said.

As the smell of smoke lingers in the air and burned bricks lay collapsed, Massie says he’s thankful Harrison and the others inside were able to make it out.

“Greatly relieved,” he said.

Carly Zook saw the fire from when it started until first responders were able to put it out. She said the home was a nice two-story house and well kept.

On Sunday, she was sad to see completely gone from their neighborhood.

“Literally, nothing. No possessions. Nothing. It’s terrible,” Zook said.

Nicki Ball is friends with the residents who are forced to start over.

“Shocking to see. I’ve never seen a house burn,” Ball said. “The biggest thing that they’re going to need is financial assistance and then, obviously, just they don’t have any things.”

Ball organized a GoFundMe page to help her friends.

“Right now, it’s at $17,000 and it hasn’t been 24 hours yet. We’re hoping to raise at least $100,000 just to take the financial burden off, and get that 20% down on a new home,” she said.

Like Robbin Massie, Ball is glad her friends are still alive.

“So thankful that they were just able to get out,” Ball said.