ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The FBI is getting more military-grade explosives off the street. People have been calling since they started the initiative Monday.

They have gotten 14 calls so far. They have released images of cannonballs, solid shot, and ammunition for a grenade launcher, WWII Japanese Mortar Round, and more that are being handled safely.

Do you have some explosives to get rid of? Local bomb squads and task forces say they’ll be on standby to pick them up.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said Monday it handled 11 “Supposed Explosive/Hazardous Device” calls in 2021, while the St. Louis County Police department fielded a total of 46 within its own jurisdiction and in municipalities it assists.

The FBI says if you have something like this in your possession to call a dedicated hotline at 314-589-2680. You’re discouraged from trying to touch or move the item.