UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) crews came to St. Louis Wednesday to meet with flood victims impacted by the recent flooding.

When torrential rain hit University City on July 26-28, the area of North Drive and Cabanne Avenue was submerged in about three feet of water.

Laverne Williams-Lacy said she has lived in University City for 40 years and she has only seen three floods. She said the record flash flood towards the end of July was the biggest by far.

“The majority of the damage was our cars,” said Williams-Lacy. “We lost three cars. One was in my driveway and two was in the street. They all floated down North Drive and Cabanne.”

Williams-Lacy said she had six inches of water in her basement which caused damage to her property. She was one of many who were affected by the record rainfall in the St. Louis area.

FEMA’s Disaster Survivor Assistance crews were knocking on University City residents’ doors to help them apply for aid.

“These teams will start working in the hardest hit areas at the direction of location emergency management, and go door to door and help people apply for federal assistance,” said John Mills, a spokesperson for FEMA. “Or, if they’ve already applied, look up their application and give them a status update. If they don’t want to apply or they just want information, they’ll also provide information and answer questions that they have.”

Mills said the teams have been throughout St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and St. Charles County over the past week.

“They gave me a lot of information where I’ve gone online and signed up with FEMA and also deal with the SBA,” said Williams-Lacy. “So, I’ll just get all my documents to them and hopefully hear something back soon.”

For Williams-Lacy and her family, they hope to hear soon about getting their vehicles replaced.

“In some cases, people have moved,” said Mills. “We’re trying to provide them information. In some cases, people are still living in a situation that is unsafe, and that’s why we may be able to provide rental assistance for people who may need to relocate temporarily.”

FEMA encouraged flood victims in need to apply online at or by phone at 800-621-3362.