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FENTON, Mo. – Isaac Detton was staying up late in his second-floor bedroom early Friday morning when the 15-year-old saw a bright light outside his window.   He thought he better take a look. The teen felt heat as he pulled back the curtains and realized something was wrong. 

“The house was on fire,” Detton said. 

The rest of the family was sleeping. Detton immediately ran to get his parents and grandparents out of the house.  

“He was calm,” said Sarah Chavez, Detton’s mother.   

The teen woke up his parents who were sleeping on the first floor. Then helped his grandparents, who were sleeping in the basement, get out before anyone was harmed.  

“He was able to save us and keep a cool head,” said Beth Chavez, Detton’s grandmother.  

He credits Detton for calling 911 quickly and letting firefighters know everyone was out of the house when first responders arrived.

“There was great potential that somebody could have been trapped or if not, there could have been a fatality in this structure,” Fenton Fire Protection District Battalion Chief Jim Watkins said.    

Watkins said it’s important to get out of a house fire as quickly as possible and to let firefighters worry about pulling possessions from a blaze.  

“He’s an all-star,” Watkins said.

Detton left his possessions behind as he led his family out the front door.  

“He didn’t care about his glasses, his video games or anything,” Sarah Chavez said. “He took care of his family.”   

“I consider my son a hero.” 

Detton credits his teachers, family, and firefighters for educating him about what to do in a situation like the one he faced Friday. 

He recalls firefighters coming to his school and stressing the importance of getting out of a house fire quickly and calling 911.  

“I’m still wondering what would’ve happened if I fell asleep,” Detton said.   

The cause of the fire has not been determined. Family members say one investigator told them it’s possible a rodent built a nest in a junction box.  

Detton’s family hopes to be able to rebuild.  They moved into the house in March of 2020.