Final days to get vaccinated at the Dome at America’s Center


ST. LOUIS – It’s the last three days of vaccinations at the Dome at America’s Center.

Tuesday at 6 p.m. they will wrap up an eight-week event that’s never happened before. FEMA and the CVC partnering to administer the Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccinations to thousands of St. Louisans. 

“Yeah we’ve been here for about eight weeks,” says Barb Sturner, a FEMA Spokesperson. “St. Louis has responded great. We’ve done more than 43-thousand doses since we’ve come here. But, we’re really trying to encourage people, listen if you’re going to get around to it, we’re around to it right now. So three days left.  We’re open today, tomorrow Memorial Day and Tuesday 8am until 6pm. Free parking, free shuttles, we can get you in and out in about 30 minutes.” 

Trying to entice those on the fence, the Dome offering free parking and shuttles. ASL and language translation available. No ID or insurance card needed for the free shot. 

“We figure for every dose or vaccination we give to somebody we’re saving one or more lives,” says Sturner. “So if you think about 43,000 doses, multiply that out and we have a chance to really help St. Louis get back up on its feet and open for business even more than they already are.” 

Those giving the vaccines are members from the Department of Defense, like these navy men and women who’ve spent the last two months living in St. Louis, soaking up the city. 

“We’re all here to serve our country,” says Belisarius Watson, Naval Petty Officer Second Class. “So it’s just a unique opportunity to actually serve our country in a more direct manner. Normally we’re dealing with dependence and active duty. This is a unique opportunity to interact with the public on a big scale.”  

FEMA organizers say in the last two weeks that 12 to 15-year-olds have been available to receive the vaccination, that group has made up 11% of the people coming to the dome to get vaccinated. 

Organizers with a reminder that they are staffed and ready to serve on Memorial Day, these naval officers understand the importance of this mission. 

“It’s very satisfying to see that we’ve helped this many St. Louisans, so it’s been great,” says Watson. 

They’ve been administering the Johnson and Johnson and Pfizer vaccines. For those that get the first Pfizer vaccine, they’ll get a card like this to find out where their location is to get their second Covid-19 vaccine. 

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