ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Mehlville firefighters faced multiple challenges Wednesday, as they battled a fire at Mac’s Tire and Auto Shop on Tesson Ferry Road.  The business was destroyed, but no one was injured.  

The initial source of the fire is believed to be a car that caught fire inside the shop, according to the Mehlville Fire Protection District.  

“The smoke was pretty thick,” said Mehlville Assistant Fire Chief Dan LaFata.   Piles of tires helped fuel a fire that disrupted traffic on Tesson Ferry for more than two hours.  

Nick Cosic was working in the area and witnessed firefighters battling the blaze. 

“They kept dumping so much water into it and it didn’t seem to go out,” he said.  Cosic credited firefighters for keeping the blaze from spreading and doing even more damage. 

There is a firehouse across the street from the tire shop.  LaFata said that the crew was out on another call when the department received the call for a car fire.  When first responders arrived, the building was engulfed in flames.  

Other hazards included burned power lines and the extreme cold.  LaFata said, “This one went to a second alarm and that brought in units from Fenton and Saline Valley. We just use the extra staffing and personnel to reinforce our positions.”  

Firefighters found nothing suspicious about the fire and are classifying it as accidental.   Nick Patterson, the owner of Nic’s CBD and Vape, expressed appreciation for the work of firefighters and was relieved to hear no one was injured.  He said, “This definitely could have hurt a lot of people.”