St. Louis opens hydrants to clear odd taste from water


ST. LOUIS – A fire hydrant left open and running for a week and businesses in the area are wondering why.

The sound of rushing water has become the new norm on an industrial street off of Kingshighway. Megan Forkan works in the area and said the hydrant was opened a week ago and has been pumping out water at a steady rate ever since.

Curt Skouby, the director of public utilities for the City of St. Louis, said they have the hydrant releasing water because it has a slight taste to it.

“One of the things that we are doing is flushing the water out of the system—the water that has the taste—to remove it, and we do that by opening the fire hydrants,” said Skouby.

The taste originated in one of their two treatment plants, so the entire city is not experiencing it. The city has been flushing out hydrants where there have been complaints.

Skouby said this is not uncommon. The taste could be from the spring rain, which brings more organic material into the water and it reacts with the treatment process. He said the water quality is still good, it’s just a matter of aesthetics.

About an hour after our news crew left the area, a utilities crew came by and shut the hydrant off.

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