Flags of Valor offer valuable teaching moments for children


ST. LOUIS – Clear skies and low humidity will make it comfortable as organizers and volunteers at the Flags of Valor begin to read the names of every individual represented by each flag beginning at sunset.

The Flags of Valor are unique to St. Louis, and Friday, it brought families together to witness this emotional display. For many parents, this is an opportunity to teach their young ones what these over 7,500 flags represent.

“I think it’s amazing and I was just telling my older son to imagine when you’re looking out at this that each flag represents a person and it should spark this inspiration of freedom and just an amazing display of life,” Nick Herdler said.

“Just the beauty of sacrifice really is why we brought them to show them how sacred that is and hopefully to be an example to them really,” Erin Herdler said.

Leaving quite the impression on seven-year-old Lucy and her siblings.

“I think it’s really cool how all these people risked their lives to let people to see. It’s really amazing,” Lucy Herdler said.

Helping our next generation visualize the sacrifice these first responders and soldiers made for our county.

“That life isn’t easy all the time, and that people do sacrifice their life, and how lucky they are to live in a country that their freedom is important, and there’s people willing to do that. Give up their lives for others to survive,” Kay Warren said.

“All patriotism. And it’s people to come out here and appreciate the guys that passed away for what they did and try to help everyone they can,” said a Vietnam Veteran.

Leann Howard, along with five-year-old Mozella, feels the symbolism behind these thousands of flags.

“It’s really powerful. I think it just stands for what America stands for. Fighting for your rights and protection,” Howard said.

The reading of the names begins around sunset and is expected to take 16 hours to complete. These flags will be up through Sept. 12.

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