ST. LOUIS – Flash flooding disrupted commutes, damaged homes, and properties in areas around St. Louis Tuesday.  

Metro officials said damage assessment to the MetroLink system is taking place and it could be two weeks are more before normal train service is restored

Passengers can find updates here:

The flash flooding resulted in several interstates shutting down Tuesday morning which cause drivers to find alternative routes. MoDOT was asked if storm drains were clogged before the rainfall began.  

Bob Becker, St. Louis District Engineer with MoDOT said the amount of rain that fell in that length of time was unprecedented. He said the drains were not the problem.  

“When it rains like that, the creeks fill up, the ditches fill up, and the drains can’t release that water and it backs up on the highway,” said Becker. 

For the latest information on road closures, MoDOT offers a travel map and app that provides details.