Flash flooding hit areas in St. Louis County on Monday


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Monday afternoon’s heavy downpour created a mess for west St. Louis County businesses near the Grand Glaize Creek.

Around 2 p.m. Monday, water rose over the creek and flooded areas near the edge of the creek.

“It’s actually very terrifying because it happens too fast,” Joe Summers said. He owns Chalily, a water, garden, and plant store off Manchester. Even though his business is surrounded by water, Monday’s water was unwelcome.

“We are a water garden store, we love water but we kind of like it in a contained system,” he said.

A car was floating near the back of his business Monday. As soon as he saw the water rising from the creek, he knew he had to move fast.

“We moved a bunch of stuff out of our building instantly and created a chain effect and just passed stuff out as quick as we can.” He didn’t want a repeat of the August flood last year, when feet of water got into his business.

Chalily’s wasn’t the only business dealing with this. Just a quarter-mile west, businesses off Old Sulphur Spring Road were also up a creek.

“When it rains really hard really fast, over a short period of time, we know the creek is coming up, and it does this and it does that,” Mike McManus said. He works for Creative Business Services and has seen this happen many times before. But he also has an unfavorable memory of the last time the Grand Glaize Creek rose too high and too fast.

“It takes cars, it takes dumpsters, it takes whatever it can find at an alarming rate,” he said.

“I guess we’ve gotten used to it, we know what to look for and we know when to get ready,” he added. Now, they have a system, floodgates go up and they ask employees to leave their car keys at the business when they take a company car to go off-site for the day. That way, they don’t have an unfortunate repeat of August 2020’s flood.

Five cars were swept away into the creek, including a brand-new truck with only 600 miles on it. McManus said that one hurt.

After the flood, employees were hosing off the asphalt and pushing the mud back into the creek, while hoping for blue skies and enough warning.

Chesterfield also experienced areas of flash flooding that shut down roadways.

The road was closed due to flooding near Conway and White roads in Chesterfield after flooding.

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