UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. – The multi-agency resource center at Centennial Commons in University has reached full capacity Thursday as Missouri victims of flash flooding seek assistance.

The multi-agency resource center (MARC) are groups from federal, state, and local agencies, along with various local and faith-based organizations to help flood victims by providing relief.

A long line has formed at Centennial Commons since Thursday morning.

“We got here at nine o’clock,” said Brenda Evans. “We got here between eight or nine. My whole house just about got flooded. My daughter came and got me out.”

The Florissant location was shut down Wednesday due to severe weather, which lead to a long line at the center in University City.

“I’m in a shelter right now,” said a woman wishing to remain anonymous. “I’m at the Red Cross shelter trying to get help for my three kids. We sleeping on cots, they don’t have beds. We need help.”

An hour and a half before the doors opened, volunteers began letting in some people to cool down and start the process. A group of 60 was only allowed inside. The volunteers handed out bottled water and snacks.

“I feel bad for everybody that has to go through the natural disaster as far as I’m concerned,” said flood victim Darnell Fowler. “It’s kind of frustrating and kind of irritating.”

Darian Braun said she tried to go to the Florissant MARC on Wednesday, but it was closed down due to severe weather. The mom-to-be said she just moved into her home when it was damaged by the flood.

“We had just moved into that house. I decided to put everything in the basement, and go through it over time and it just took everything,” said Braun. “But, we’re here and that’s what’s important.”

The multi-agency resource center at Centennial Commons is expected to end at 8 p.m. Friday’s event is scheduled for the City of St. Louis.