FLORISSANT, Mo. – Florissant residents laced up their shoes, dressed in green, and some brought their dogs along for the family-friendly St. Patrick’s Day parade and 5K.

“We’re a great, strong, old community, and we really do a lot of fun things,” Pam Thompson said.

The Society for St. Patrick’s Day Parade said the inaugural 2022 parade was a huge success, so they planned for an even bigger event this year.

“We always walk together, have for years, and I like to support all the things Florissant because this is its second year for St. Patrick’s Day festival. And it was really fun last year,” Thompson said.

“Spending time with my friend and bonding. I just think that we – I don’t get a lot of girl time anymore so it’s nice when I can get time with my friends,” said Mandy Williford, Thompson’s friend.

The 5K kicked off at 50 Rue St. Francois Street bright and early at 9 a.m. The parade kicked off at noon.

Organizers said they’re proud to be an extremely family-friendly event, with an entire section of the festival dedicated to kids only.