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FLORISSANT, Mo. – On Tuesday, the Florissant Police Department responded to a distress call on the 1400 block of Angelus Drive. Four pit bulls were on the loose and viciously attacking residents.

Neighbors say the dogs escaped from their home near the intersection of Patterson Road and Angelus Drive. Witnesses claim the first woman who was attacked was walking alone when all four dogs knocked her to the ground and began biting the woman all over her body.

Robyn Handley heard her screams and was the first to run outside to her aid.

“Had I not reacted or had not heard her, they would have killed her. They would have killed her,” she said. “That’s the mentality that they had. They were in such a frenzy. They tore her shoe off – I mean. I’m not going to go into it. It was bad.”

Despite neighbors’ best efforts, the dogs were relentless. An elderly neighbor from down the street heard the commotion and was walking towards the scene to try and help. In an instant, two of the pit bulls turned and attacked her. Their teeth sunk nearly to the bone of her leg. Blood was gushing everywhere. Two victims were down and badly bleeding.

The dogs eventually fled the scene but they were not done. While crossing Patterson, one dog was struck and killed by oncoming traffic. The other three continued their chaos on Lemondale Lane and attacked two more people.

The Florissant Police Department and St. Louis County Animal Care and Control arrived and were able to corral the dogs in a nearby neighbor’s backyard. They are currently in the custody of animal control.

The two elderly women attacked on Angelus Drive were taken to the hospital. The first victim is severely injured. The second has since returned home.

The one question remaining: what happens to the dogs and their owner?

“No dog would rip someone apart like that. They just wouldn’t. Not a pet,” Handley said. “I think [the owner] should be in jail, and I think she owes all the hospital bills, and she owes whatever that family wants.”

Others took to Facebook with their concerns saying the dogs should be put down and the owner punished in some way. FOX 2 called the St. Louis County Animal Care and Control Center and they have not confirmed if the dogs will be euthanized or not.