ST. LOUIS – Snacking in St. Louis? There’s a good chance you’ve enjoyed one of the best bites in Missouri.

Food & Wine recently released its “Best Snack in Every State” report, naming the St. Louis-served Red Hot Riplets as the best snack in the Show-Me State. Old Vienna produces the iconic potato chips, which are well-known for their ridges and spicy barbeque flavor.

“A bag of hot-and-sweet Red Hot Riplets ridged potato chips from local maker Old Vienna is about as iconically St. Louis as the Gateway Arch,” the report says. “It’s spicy barbecue at a level of intensity that some people simply can’t handle.”

The praise comes after Food & Wine recently recognized St. Louis as the Next Great Food City in a May publication.

Red Hot Riplets introduced a twist to their traditional chips earlier this summer, releasing a THC-infused “Twice Baked” version of the snack.