ST. LOUIS – Forbes recently examined some key moments in St. Louis history while promoting an ongoing arts exhibition in the city, stating that “no one place more completely embodies the American experience than St. Louis.”

The remarks come from a new Forbes article over Counterpublic 2023, one of the largest public art initiatives in the country. Counterpublic arrived to St. Louis last weekend and consists of many gatherings and art displays through mid-July.

Many sites along Jefferson Avenue are hosts for the exhibition, and the art displays generally offer insight into the public history of St. Louis. You might also find some billboards in the St. Louis area promoting the event or various nuggets of history associated with it.

The aforementioned Forbes article particularly explains how St. Louis influenced growth around America with assets like the Mississippi River and the Gateway Arch. Forbes also notes the city’s role with various social justice developments around America, like the Dred Scott case and Black Lives Matter movement.

While elaborating on St. Louis history and the Counterpublic exhibit, the Forbes article from Chadd Scott also states: “St. Louis represents America and America is represented in St. Louis more thoroughly than anywhere else.”

Forbes recommends the Counterpublic experience for anyone wanting a better understanding of St. Louis history. Sugarloaf Mound, the Mill Creek Valley neighborhood and Griot Museum of Black History are among the exhibit stops with the most historical context to offer, according to Forbes.

For more information on Counterpublic, including its timeline and hosts sites in St. Louis, click here.