ST. LOUIS — The upper Midwest has been treated to a show in the night sky over the last few days. The Aurora Borealis has been seen as far south as Missouri. It is still possible to see the lights Wednesday night, if you know where to look.

The Northern Lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, occur when particles from a solar flare collide with molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere. The stunning show is best seen in places with very little light pollution.

The lights can be difficult to see in the St. Louis area because of light pollution. They were, however, seen low on the horizon from at least one location in Missouri on Tuesday. Dan Bush took a picture of the lights from Albany, Missouri.

The forecast Wednesday shows the best place to see them in Alaska, up along the US, Canadian borders. Outside the prime zone, you may be able to see them again along the horizon near the Missouri and Iowa borders.

So it’s tough, but not impossible, to see them this far south. They are beautiful.

Tonight is the big conjunction of Jupiter and Venus. Clouds rolling into the St. Louis area may inhibit our view of the planets tonight. Try to look in the western sky after sunset. The planets will be touching. Last night they were close to forming a conjunction.