ST. LOUIS, Mo. – USA TODAY’s Readers’ Choice Awards has named Forest Park the nation’s top city park. The former home of the 1904 World’s Fair beat out 20 nominees from across the country. The park came in second place in the poll for 2021.

Forest Park is no stranger to getting a little love from national and international outlets. It topped the Men’s Journal list of “Best Urban Parks” in 2022. MSN listed it among America’s most beautiful parks in 2021.

The park did not always rank among the nation’s finest places. Over the past 35 years, Forest Park has been restored through a public and private partnership. Now, the non-profit Forest Park Forever maintains it with the City of St. Louis.

“Forest Park’s renewal and rebirth has been a great success story – to the point that many visitors today are in awe and assume that it has always been this iconic. But the continued support of donors, volunteers, staff, partner organizations and visitors is what makes it possible to maintain this wonderful place. We share our region’s pride in the Park as a St. Louis treasure and a national destination,” states Lesley S. Hoffarth, P.E., President and Executive Director of Forest Park Forever.

There are now over 13 million people who visit the park annually. They can walk, run or hike 30 miles of paths, play on the golf courses, playgrounds or visit the zoo and museums.