ST. LOUIS – A former employee with the Missouri State Highway Patrol is accused of taking cash bribes while inspecting vehicles.

Federal prosecutors have charged Larry S. Conrad with one felony (using a facility in interstate commerce) to facilitate a bribery scheme.

According to a federal indictment, Conrad was responsible for performing motor vehicle inspections at the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Troop C facility in south St. Louis County. He would sign and certify forms required for motor vehicle owners to apply for original Missouri title certificates.

Investigators say Conrad accepted cash bribes ranging from $40 to $160 to pass vehicles, falsifying certain documents to indicate no apparent damage when there was visible damage to the vehicle being inspected.

Per the indictment, Conrad had owners place cash bribes in the driver’s side door pocket while conducting inspections. He reportedly took bribes ranging up to $300 to sign and certify inspection forms for vehicles that he never saw or inspected.

The alleged actions are against Missouri law, as the state has statutes prohibiting acceding to corruption and official misconduct.