Former St. Louis officer to be sentenced for civil rights violation charge


ST. LOUIS – Former St. Louis Police Office Dustin Boone will be sentenced next week after he was convicted of beating an undercover colleague.

The Post-Dispatch reported Boone’s lawyers will ask the judge for a 26-month prison sentence rather than the ten years prosecutors are seeking.

In a sentencing memo filed Monday, Boone’s lawyers attacked the culture of the St. Louis Police Department saying it condoned and even encouraged violence. It went on to call the department a place “where being cavalier about violence, particularly racial violence, was far too prevalent.”

In June 2021, Boone was found guilty of aiding and abetting the deprivation of Officer Luther Hall’s civil rights during protests in 2017. A jury was unable to decide on the charges when the case was originally tried in March 2021.

Detective Hall was working undercover with a partner during the 2017 Jason Stockley protests. They were documenting potential crimes when they got split up in the chaos on the night of Sunday, Sept. 17.

Hall said he encountered uniformed police at 14th and Olive streets. Prosecutors allege Boone, Myers, and Korte attacked and beat Hall after mistaking him for a protester.

Hall was left with a pinkie-sized hole in his lip and required spinal fusion surgery in his neck.

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