ST. LOUIS – Our very own FOX 2’s morning anchor Randi Naughton throws out the first pitch at St. Louis Cardinals game Friday night as she counts down her last days at FOX after 30 years.

Naughton is not only a St. Louis legend but a big Cardinals fan. She said throwing the first pitch was a huge honor. A memory that brings her full circle after a long successful career.

It is a big deal for the longtime St. Louis fixture and former sports reporter that covered countless games.

“It was definitely the pinnacle, a huge honor,” said Naughton. “I’m humbled. I’m honored. It’s military night, I don’t belong here, but I’m really glad I did it. I’m proud I did what I did.”

Naughton wore a jersey with a number two on the back. She was throwing the ball to Cardinals pitcher Packy Naughton.

“Mike Shannon I spoke with me this morning, he told me don’t go on the mound, go on the flat board, but my husband told me, you can do it,” said Naughton. “So, I listened to my coach and I did it and it was a little scary walking out that, but it was fun and I think I surprised Mr. Naughton out there.”

“I got the windup, my husband taught me it all, four-seamer, and Packy said it had some heat on it so I’m pretty proud of myself!” said Randi.

One Cardinals fan said they loved it.

“She did an amazing job. She actually made a strike which is very unlikely for a lot of people,” said fan Yohansen Cosby. “She’s a hometown hero. She’s been on the news for a long time, sports and things like that so everybody was enjoying it.”

In 1992, Randi started at KTVI doing Sunday morning segments. She moved to sports in 1994 and has been on viewers’ screens in the morning for years.

“She’s so honest,” said fan Maureen Matye. “She knows a little bit about everything and she’s just fun.”

Another fan expressed their thoughts about Randi.

“She loves her job,” said fan Latoya Stewart. “You can see it in her and she just does great.”

It’s not farewell but see you around. Despite retiring from FOX 2, you might still hear her voice. She announced on Twitter Friday, that she’s continuing her voiceover work for podcasts and videos around the world.

Randi’s last morning on FOX 2 will be Tuesday.