ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The Francis Howell School Board has introduced a new bathroom policy for transgender students. The new policy will have a second reading and then a final vote. Tensions and emotions were high at Thursday’s meeting as parents, teachers, and a student voiced their thoughts on the new bathroom policy.

“The administration, the school districts, they all work very well with the parents of transgender kids to develop plans that are safe plans that our kids can feel safe within the walls of the schools. So, it really is kind of a policy that is unnecessary,” Becky Hormuth said.

Parents who spoke in favor of the new policy said the policy is accommodating to transgender students. The policy said each school within the district shall provide a minimum single-use restroom for student use.

Hormuth is the parent of a transgender student and a teacher in the district. She believes the new policy is set to target students like her son.

“They either will be late for class, they either will be having to ask to get out of class, miss instruction. They will be coming back in class, and they will be potentially noticed and targeted for being that one kid that has to go. That’s called forced outing,” Hormuth said.