FREDERICKTOWN, Mo. – An EF-3 tornado tore through one of the industrial areas of Fredericktown last October, doing a lot of damage. Classic Equine Equipment, a business of 30 years, was severely damaged in the storm. But with the help of their employees, community, and parent company Morton Buildings, they’re back in the saddle and busier than ever. 

The biggest challenge is not only is everybody else busy but we’re busy,” said Scott Lix, president of Classic Equine Equipment. 

Words that Scott Lix wasn’t sure he would say after damaging winds destroyed part of their manufacturing facility. 

“What would normally be the biggest hurdle is trying to repair, with everybody’s attitude and everybody working as a team really brought everybody together and it’s making it very less painful,” said Lix. 

Classic Equine Equipment manufactures high-end horse stalls and stable equipment. The damage from the EF-3 tornado was enough to force them to shut down their operations for about a month. 

“Ripped our roof off of our facility. It really exposed our painting department. And we had a lot of damage within that painting department that is going to take a while to repair,” he said. 

With new equipment arriving this summer, the facility expects to be stronger than ever. 

Lix and his staff learned a lot through this experience and as they rebuild, they’re putting in more robust storm shelters. 

“Thankfully, nobody was here,” Lix said. “Because after walking through the facility and looking at the damage; because if you’ve never been through it, you really don’t know. You’re walking through it and you’re seeing what could have been a much different story  

Lix says the most impressive thing he’s seen is the community, his employees, and their parent company, Morton Buildings, all stepping in and working together as a team to get whatever they needed to get their business back up and running  

“I’ve never been through anything like this before and one thing that really has stuck with me is everybody’s spirit is really high everybody’s really coming together and do whatever it takes and when you have that, you can do anything,” he said.