HILLSBORO, Mo. – On Tuesday morning in Hillsboro, some people are heading to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department to have a few cocktails.

“As former law enforcement, I know the importance of DWI enforcement, so whenever the sheriff put this request out, I immediately volunteered,” said Kyle Weiss.

While they’ll raise and drink their favorite alcoholic beverages, sheriff’s deputies will raise awareness and conduct DWI training.

“For years, we’ve used videos, and it just doesn’t have the same effect,” said Deputy Nicholas Gamm, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. “When you get somebody in front of you that has been drinking and is intoxicated, you can see first-hand how they’re going to act.”

Department instructors are training deputies to recognize the signs of impaired driving, administering field sobriety tests, and aiding in prosecution.

Earlier this week, Sheriff Dave Marshak asked citizen volunteers to come and drink for a few hours and then submit to breathalyzer tests.

“Gives me an opportunity to actually feel the effects of alcohol in a monitored environment,” said attorney Tim Pudlowski. “But also, from a professional standpoint, it allows me to kind of see how the science of the body consuming the alcohol, and how it affects the blood alcohol content level.”

“I truly feel in my heart with every drunk that I arrest, I’m saving at least one life that night,” Deputy Gamm said.

And the best outcome for all parties involved is that the sheriff’s department provides transportation back home for the individuals who aren’t getting behind the wheel.