ST. LOUIS — Workers at Greenscape Gardens are busy moving plants back and forth between the outdoors and greenhouses.  A freeze warning is in effect for the St. Louis area overnight.  

“We call this the springtime shuffle,” said Jennifer Schamber, owner, and general manager of the St. Louis County plant nursery and garden center.  

She said customers who are anxious to plant have been buying native plants that can handle the winter-like weather.  

“A lot of the early spring blooming things like the Virginia bluebells, Celandine poppies, things that give us that first bout of color that you see out in the woodlands, those are some of our best sellers right now,” said Schamber.  

She said plants gardeners should hold off planting include basil, tomato, and pepper plants.  If you have plants that need to be covered, Schamber recommends using a sheet or frost cloth instead of plastic.   

The plant nursery received a large shipment of tropical plants from southern Florida Friday. They are inside a nursery.  Schamber says if you buy those plants now, while the supply is good, be prepared to keep them indoors until the threat of winter weather is over.  

“We don’t know how long supply is going to last because we have a lot of new gardeners from the pandemic,” said Schamber. “People started gardening more.  So, that’s been really exciting.”