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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — From liquor to toilet paper, turkey is now the latest shortage to affect the country.

Not only will your favorite birds be more expensive, but could be harder to find.

“I’m tired of hearing about shortages,” said Brian Lee in Kansas City. “I’ll just make a tenderloin. I’ll make some stuffing.”

“I love turkey, I would be sad because I can’t eat ham, Kay said.

The turkey company Butterball is warning that the supply chain issues could result in a shortage.

Experts say it’s not actually a problem with the turkeys but more shortage of labor to process turkeys and drivers to get them to the stores.

If you’re looking for an 8-16 pound frozen turkey expect to pay at least 22% more than last year.

“If we look specifically at what we call food at home, which is you grocery store prices, that’s up 4.5%,” said
Senior Economist, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Steve Reed.

Local grocery stores tell FOX4 they will have enough products this holiday.


While you may pay a little more for your holiday meals, Hy-Vee said it doesn’t anticipate any shortages this year. The company said it is already well stocked and ready for Thanksgiving. A company spokesperson said Hy-Vee doesn’t anticipate any issues with items you’re used to seeing on sale in the coming months either. That includes the buy-a-ham, get-a-free-turkey promotion.


Price Chopper said to stay tuned for upcoming announcements about new options for customers. The grocery store chain also suggests shoppers take advantage of extra reward earning periods that they can use to buy turkey and hams for their upcoming holiday season.


Targer said it is doing everything it can to provide people what they want and need.

Earlier in October, the company released information on its supply chain. Target said it chartered its own container ship to regularly bring merchandise from overseas ports to the U.S. By doing that, Target said it can avoid some of the delays other companies are experiencing. The company said it is also working with transportation companies to move the merchandise as quickly as possible once it reaches the U.S.


The world’s second-largest retailer says it’s also ready for a busy holiday shopping season.

Walmart also chartered ships to deliver shipments to the U.S. The company said it is also diverting shipments to other ports because they aren’t as congested. That means the company has access to its shipments faster.

Walmart also changed the way it’s shipping items across the country. The company said it hired more than 3,000 drivers in 2021 so it can use more trucking transportation and avoid rail delays.

The company said it plans to hire an additional 150,000 people to help in stores as well as in distribution roles. Walmart said it has already promoted and trained thousands of employees this year to help with its supply chain. It’s also expanding automation capabilities in facilities so it can use workers in other areas.