ST. LOUIS — Meteorologist Chris Higgins reports that areas of soaking rain will continue through early this afternoon before kicking off to the east. There will be no flooding or severe weather, although there will be the obvious impact of wet roads to deal with through early afternoon.

Gusty winds and chilly temperatures will take control for Friday and Saturday, with partly to mostly sunny skies. This will be a notable change from the warm weather for Friday night football games thus far this year. Bring on the hot chocolate!

Dry and cool weather will last through the weekend. The National Weather Service reports that the coldest temperatures of the weekend should be on Sunday morning. Low-lying areas, particularly in the Ozarks, have a 50–60% chance of frost. The most favorable conditions for a freeze are away from urban areas, in valleys, pastures, and other rural areas.

The cool temperatures will be around for a while. They do not return to normal until Wednesday.