ST. LOUIS – Back inside Terminal 2 at St. Louis Lambert International Airport, Southwest Airlines is working to get customers to their destinations — and their baggage, too.

Wednesday marks the third day in a row that around 2,500 flights have been canceled as the airline runs at a reduced capacity.

The baggage snafu is starting to add insult to some customers, while others found good luck Wednesday afternoon.

When Leah Cuddeback could not get a flight from Austin, Texas, to St. Louis, her baggage arrived instead, and she chose to drive the 14 hours to get to Terminal 2.

“Today, I dragged my little sister to the airport, and we found my bag within five minutes of being here,” Cuddeback said. “We feel like we got really lucky, and I’m going to go buy a lottery ticket after this.”

Southwest Airlines’ unique point-to-point operations send planes to multiple destinations without returning them to the main hub. Last week’s winter storm of snow and ice, along with an antiquated scheduling system, left planes and staff out of position to return to service.

Baggage began backing up at St. Louis Airport and many airports around the country, and the luggage loss has left many in the lurch.

“We are wearing the same clothes,” said traveler Sunny Patel. “We don’t have any clothes. They said they would deliver our luggage, and I said, ‘No, I can’t do that because our car keys are in the luggage.’ All my papers are in the luggage, I can’t stay that long.”

A chaplain at the airport offered spiritual guidance rather than divine intervention.

“Whenever I walk up to people and start talking, and I’m like, ‘I’m praying for you,’” said Reggie Chandler, a chaplain. “Then they’re like, ‘We need you; we need you. We’re frustrated and upset, and thank you for being here and letting us know you care.’”

For many Southwest passengers, the search for their luggage continues.

“We’re still looking for our luggage and hopefully find our luggage with our keys in the bag,” Patel said.

The airline operated at 62% of its schedule on Wednesday, according to Flight Tracker. The airline said it may be a week before they are back to normal operations.