ST. LOUIS – Police found a handgun with an illegal modification that was turned into a fully-automatic weapon Sunday. The teens caught with the firearms are accused of breaking into vehicles at The Foundry in Midtown, St. Louis. A drive-by shooting happened while police were investigating the break-ins, and multiple vehicles were damaged.

St. Louis police are looking into weekend vehicle break-ins at The Grove, Delmar Hall, and City Foundry. While looking into break-ins at The Foundry, police say they heard gunshots in a parking lot. They shared that a person leaned out of a car and fired a rifle in the direction of three teens and two officers. The teens took off running.

When officers caught up with the teens, a police spokesperson explained that they found two handguns, one of which had been reported stolen. One of the guns also had an auto sear, which turns the handgun into a fully-automatic weapon.

Millions of dollars have been invested in the redevelopment of the old Foundry property. It includes a food hall, retail shops, and live music.

Multiple cars were damaged in the parking lot. Some people think more security is needed at the new development in Midtown.

“The safety and security of our guests and tenants at City Foundry is our top priority. We are grateful no one was injured during this isolated incident, and we appreciate the efforts of the officers of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for their quick response. We will continue to cooperate with the police department and city leaders regarding this incident.”

Police said juvenile court authorities advised officers to release the three boys to their parents.

Alderwoman Tina Pihl (Ward 17) is calling for change following the shots being fired and vehicles being damaged outside City Foundry.

It says in part: “I am calling for a conference with all the stakeholders now – the office of the mayor, the police department, the board of alderwomen and aldermen and of course the citizens. We need a joint conference of all the stakeholders and to decide how we are going to move forward together immediately to address this crisis in our city. We cannot continue to have the safety of our citizens imperiled, and we must work together to bring St. Louisans the peace we all need and deserve.

City police are also looking into other car break-ins from over the weekend in The Grove and Delmar Hall.