ST. LOUIS – The new St. Louis Circuit Attorney was sworn on Tuesday morning. Gabe Gore will certainly have his hands full. He is starting with a backlog of thousands of cases. He is serving for the remainder of the current Circuit Attorney term, which ends on January 1, 2025.

Governor Mike Parson appointed Gabe Gore less than two weeks ago. The governor’s legal council, Evan Rodriguez has been serving as interim circuit attorney, and Tuesday, will officially be his last day. This all comes as Kim Gardner initially announced her resignation earlier this month.

Gore lives, works, and raised his family in St. Louis, and those are some of the reasons why Governor Parson shared that he appointed the former federal prosecutor. He was a partner at the law firm Dowd Bennet and worked there for more than a decade, according to Gore’s LinkedIn.

18 candidates applied for the circuit St. Louis attorney job, and the governor narrowed it down to three finalists before his announcement of Gore on May 19. The governor said that Gore was not a political pick, and it’s important to mention this appointment is only temporary.

Voters will have the final say on St. Louis’ circuit attorney in 2024. Parson told FOX 2’s Emily Manley last week he would support Gore if he decided to run for office in next year’s election.  

Parson believes Gore is someone that can turn around the “mismanagement and turmoil” left by former Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.

She stepped down two weeks ago – and two weeks ahead of schedule. She initially said she would leave office on June 1.  

We heard from Gabe Gore at a news conference after the governor made the announcement of his appointment. Both say collaboration is key.

“Working together, I am confident that we can build a prosecutor’s office here that is one of the highest performing in the country,” Gore explained.

“I mean here is a guy that is tremendously successful, doesn’t have to do this, by no means, to take this on because it is a job someone is going to take on., Gov. Parson said. “That had some merit to me, and I think the reason he did it is because he cares about St. Louis.”

Gore also announced the hiring of his first prosecutor, Marvin Teer Jr., after he was sworn into office. Teer brings more than 30 years of experience to local prosecutors’ offices. Gore hopes to keep rebuilding a staff and clear a backlog of cases.

Governor Parson’s General Counsel, Evan Rodriguez, who had been serving as Interim Circuit Attorney, resigned immediately prior to the ceremony.