ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis man, walking his dog in Downtown West’s Memorial Park Thursday, noticed nearby ground give way.   

“It had collapsed right in front of him and from what I could see, I couldn’t see the bottom of it,” said St. Louis resident Jerry Aldama. 

He lives near the park and walked by the hole a few minutes after the ground collapsed.  

“I thought maybe the entire sidewalk here was possibly unstable,” said Aldama.  

The City of St. Louis blocked off the area with a circle of barricades and plywood covering the area where the ground gave way.   

“I didn’t know if it was a crime scene, or you know what had happened,” said St. Louis resident Latasha Tate.  “You don’t want to think the worst.” 

A City of St. Louis spokesperson referred us to the Metropolitan Sewer District for an explanation.  A spokesperson for MSD said historical records indicate an old beer tunnel dating back to the 1800s was used by Winkelmeyer Brewery in that area.  

The spokesperson said the tunnel collapsed and caused a stormwater sewer line above it to collapse. 

Tate lives nearby. She said, “I’m glad no one was hurt because sometimes people walk through here with their children.” 

The MSD spokesperson said the City of St. Louis will oversee whatever work is needed to address the collapsed tunnel.  A City of St. Louis spokesperson said that work will begin once work on the collapsed sewer line takes place.