ST. PETERS, Mo. – There have been recent decreases in gas prices in the St. Louis area since the cost of gas rose across the country in May 2022.

Since May, gas prices in the St. Louis region have been over $4 per gallon, but with gas prices starting to fall, some drivers are feeling a bit of relief.

“They’re coming down but very, very slowly and not very much,” said driver Cindy Preston.

“I mean it helps, but it’s still not where it should be,” said driver Woody Ellis.

According to AAA Missouri, the average price for a gallon of regular gas in the state is currently $4.25.

In St. Louis, drivers are paying 18 cents less per gallon of regular gas compared to last week. The decrease in gas prices is reflected nationwide.

“It can definitely save you a few bucks and a few bucks add up over time,” said driver Colton Caldwell.

AAA Missouri said it’s hard to pinpoint why numbers are down, but said a variety of factors including the price of crude oil dipping below $100 a barrel is a major reason.

“It could be that we’re starting to see people driving less or changing their driving habits because of the higher prices, they’ve been dealing with all year said Nick Chabarria, spokesperson for AAA Missouri. “It’ll take a little bit of time to see if this is a continuing trend of downward prices or if we’re in a short-term fluctuation.”

Drivers passing through St. Peters can find some gas stations displaying a gallon of unleaded gas under $4 with an average of unleaded gas going at $3.85 as of Monday.

“It’s the cheapest gas in town that I can find,” said Ellis, “I’m heading out to O’Fallon now and it just continuously goes up as I get further out.”

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