TOWN AND COUNTRY, Mo. – In Missouri, there’s been a huge decrease in gas prices so far in 2022. According to AAA, the average gas price for Missouri is $4.47 a gallon of regular unleaded fuel which is 10 cents lower than last week. In the Metro East, Illinois area it’s $4.86 a gallon of regular unleaded fuel but it was more than $5 a gallon a week ago.

Most Americans have been paying at the pump trying to make road trips. Road trips this summer decreased or were delayed due to high gas prices, but they could be back on.

“Yeah a little relief for drivers at the pump in the last week or so,” said Nick Chabarria, AAA spokesperson. “We’ve seen the largest decrease in pump prices over a week that we’ve seen all year. Missouri drivers pay about 10 cents less at the pump. In the Metro East, Illinois drivers paying about 16 cents less than they were last week.”

The national average for gas prices is $4.75 a gallon. It was down 10 cents in the last week and 16 cents a month ago.

“I’m staying close to home where the car is now,” said Gary Gwinn, driver. “I have an old enough car that hopefully, it’ll stay, so I can keep on with the little driving around I do.”

AAA Missouri said many refineries in the U.S. are running at capacity. There is a concern for hurricane season in addition to, the Russian invasion of Ukraine having a global impact on gas prices. AAA Missouri said crude oil prices are decreasing due to concerns about a decline in global demand and an increase in regional supply.

“It’s from the oil producers, the potential that demand might fall off because of the higher prices we’ve seen all summer,” said Chabarria. “So that’s partly causing prices to come down. But we’re still in a time when July is typically high demand for gasoline across the country. It’s yet to be seen if this is a trend or if it’s going to continue throughout the month.”

It’s unclear if the prices will continue to go back down or up. AAA Missouri said you can check their website if you’re planning a road trip. There’s a gas cost calculator to see how much you will need to pay for the travel.