ST. LOUIS — In the Hill neighborhood today, the excitement of the annual Gateway Cup cycling event continues to build. This morning, viewers can get an inside look at what cyclists and spectators can expect on this thrilling leg of the race. 

The Hill neighborhood is set to host a racing event that has become a staple in American cycling history. Mike Weiss, the event director, spoke about the race’s significance. 

With a mix of amateurs and professionals, the race promises an action-packed day for the community. Cyclists from all over the world, including Olympians and national champions, have gathered in the Hill neighborhood for this unique event. 

“We’re talking about the fastest men and women in the world competing right here on the streets of the Hill,” Weiss said.  

The neighborhood is bracing for a massive turnout, with an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 spectators expected to line the streets. According to Weiss, every spot along the course offers a front-row view of the thrilling action, making it a perfect family event. 

The racecourse, reminiscent of NASCAR, comprises approximately a one-mile lap around the Hill neighborhood. Cyclists will navigate the challenging course for a continuous 70 minutes, covering an impressive 35 miles. As the race progresses, the intensity builds, with the last three laps becoming particularly exhilarating. 

“By the final lap, it’s an all-out sprint,” Weiss explained. “It’s flat out, and the energy in the air is electric.” 

Besides the thrilling race, spectators can look forward to the support of numerous local businesses. Local restaurants and brands, including Companion Baking and Urban Chestnut, have come together to make this event a true St. Louis experience. 

For those planning to attend, Weiss had this to say, “Every spot along this course is a front-row seat. It’s a free event, and we even have a kids’ race at 4:00, raising funds for charity. It’s going to be a blast.” 

As the anticipation builds and the neighborhood prepares to welcome cycling enthusiasts and spectators, the Hill neighborhood is all set to host a memorable day of high-speed action, community spirit, and local support.