ST. LOUIS – GeekCraft Inc. hosted their annual GeekCraft Expo over the weekend at Webster University in Grant Gymnasium.

The two-day event is a marketplace that features fandom-inspired handcrafted items like mugs, journals, keychains, purses, and more. Local Missouri businesses that specialize in unlocking your inner child and geek occupy each Expo.

The goal of the event is to invest in the community by keeping all customers’ money where they live. Founder and comic book writer of The Incredible Hulk, Deadpool, and Wolverine Daniel Way, explained his reasoning behind the family-owned business.

“When I came up with this idea my thinking was that if it was successful, then it would get copied a lot,” Way said. “I was worried that the copies would be bad and they wouldn’t have the same goals in mind as we do which is to focus on this community of geeky handcrafters and give them a buyable market.”

The event now tours nationwide and plans to host a GeekPop in Hawaii late this year. Information on the event is to be determined.

Stay up to date on GeekCraft Expos by following the GeekCraft Expo Facebook page or visiting their website.