ST. LOUIS – One generous customer recently went above and beyond to thank a server at one St. Louis restaurant for their service.

The customer left a $300 tip for a server at The Fountain on Locust, an ice cream eatery and bar located in the Midtown neighborhood of St. Louis at 3037 Locust Street. The original bill was around $45, so the customer left a tip of more than six times the amount owed before a tip.

The receipt also included the following message: “We pay our tithes by sharing what God has blessed us with others who bless us with great service!”

The customer and server would like to stay anonymous, but Fountain on Locust owner Danni Eickenhorst says it was a very unique experience.

“The entire Fountain family was thrilled to see this server rewarded for his hard work,” Eickenhorst tells FOX2. “So many of our servers, including this one, have been with us through the hardest of times, and yet they still continue to deliver our signature Fountain level of service with a smile. To see that recognized and rewarded so generously was incredibly gratifying.”

The restaurant also thanked the customer for recognizing the staff’s hard work and attention to detail and service.