ST. PETERS, Mo. – Too much of a good thing for St. Peters farmers wishing for rain earlier in the week. Now some of those same farmers are dealing with flooded fields.

On Monday afternoon, farmer Herb Iffrig spoke with FOX 2 about his need for rain and optimism with the upcoming forecast. What he didn’t realize is we were about to get far more than any of us bargained for when a historic rain fell that night into Tuesday morning.

“I was getting a lot of phone calls, said ‘Be careful what you wish for.’ But I didn’t wish for that either,” Iffrig said.

Iffrig told us he’d like a good soaking rain for his crops.

“I said two inches. We had 12.86 inches of rain overnight,” he said.

His fields were turned into a shallow lake.

“Everything was dry. The river was down. The creek came up and flooded the fields. It’s kind of unknown whether it’ll drain off before everything is ruined,” Iffrig said.

Of his 400 acres, Iffrig estimates that 300 of them were underwater. It’s become a waiting game to see the extent of his loss.

“You can try to pump the water off but you can’t get to the pump,” Iffrig said. “It’s unknown. We’ll be talking to the crop insurance people. Three or four farmers down here on this road that are underwater.”

There is still some optimism even after the historic rainfall. A few of his soybean fields are draining, leaving behind a muddy mess that could actually help them out.

“You can see the mud on the beans out there. Which might be a good thing. It keeps the sun from cooking them,” he said.

While Iffrig has been dealt a lousy hand from Mother Nature this year, he accepts it’s all part of the farmer’s life.

“You’re just lucky some years if you can get by with a crop. Because you can have hail and rain and floods and drought,” he said. “Nothing’s ever over ‘til it’s over. It’s got to be in the bin or in the bank before you can say it was a good year. The life of a farmer. Good years and bad years.”