RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Tickets sold fast during the opening weekend of the World’s Biggest Bounce Park in Richmond Heights. The 25,000-square-foot inflatable playground is bringing new entertainment for visitors at the Saint Louis Galleria.

“We sold out faster than we ever thought we would,” said Kyle McElhaney, co-owner of the attraction.

McElhaney has been happy with opening weekend.

“The crowd has been excellent. We’ve had great feedback. A lot of positivity. People were excited to be here. Excited to bring their kids,” he said.

And the size is what makes this bounce park unique.

“It’s 25,000 square feet inside. Which is hard to wrap your head around unless you actually go in there. And it’s over 250-feet wide. It is a massive bounce castle,” McElhaney said.

The inflatable castle was packed with kids of all ages getting in on the action.
Alana and Iiyana Wilson—18 and 16 years of age, respectively—were enjoying themselves despite the heat and humidity.

“It’s fun. We came out here. It is a little bit hot today. but they got like a maze and a lot of bouncy houses. They’ve got snow cones and waters for the heat. It’s fun,” Alana said.

“Yeah, I like it. I enjoy it at my big age,” said Iiyana.

This bounce will be open every weekend through at least Nov. 12. You can purchase tickets online and at the door.