ST. LOUIS, Mo. – For over two decades, Google’s “Year in Search” has given the public an annual look into what intrigues people across the planet. The search engine says that 2022 was a year marked by people looking for new possibilities. Many people were asking personal questions like “Can I change?”

The top global Google search trend was for “Wordle.” The game became a habit for many and there are daily searches for answers. Other 2022 top search trends include Ukraine, Queen Elizabeth, election results, Powerball numbers, and monkeypox.

Google added a new feature this year. A local hub shows what people are searching for in a particular town or zip code. Here are the results for St. Louis.

2022 St. Louis Google Search Trends:

  • The St. Louis, MO area was the only place in the country that searched for blues more than any other music genre.
  • Muntjac deer was the St. Louis area’s top trending animal this year.
  • Of the 3 places that had sports bar as a top trending “near me” search, the St. Louis area searched for it the most. The other areas were Sioux Falls, SD and Wichita, KS.
  • Grinder sandwich was the St. Louis, MO area’s top trending recipe.
  • The St. Louis area searched for vegan restaurants near me more than anywhere else in the U.S.

Top 10 trending “near me” searches in the St. Louis, MO area:

  • Gas prices near me
  • Cheapest gas near me
  • Remote jobs near me
  • Tree trimming near me
  • Indian restaurant near me
  • Yard sales near me
  • Concerts near me
  • Vegan restaurants near me
  • Sports bar near me
  • Food pantry near me