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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Gubernatorial candidate Nicole Galloway has released a plan for how she would take on the coronavirus pandemic in Missouri.

“Missouri needs a reset on COVID-19,” Galloway’s plan states. “COVID-19 has taken a major toll on our rural and urban communities, revealing countless economic, racial and public health disparities. Missourians deserve a governor with an inclusive vision for recovery and a comprehensive plan that prioritizes the people and places hardest hit by the pandemic.”

Her plan tackles issues relating to general public health, state economics and government spending.

Public health

The first stipulation on her plan is a statewide mask mandate. The plan cites suggestions from both White House Coronavirus Task Force Dr. Deborah Brix and Springfield Mayor Ken McClure.

The plan also calls for a coalition with surrounding states, using collective funds to better purchase and allocate testing materials. She cited an interstate pact between Maryland, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia to purchase 3 million rapid tests.

Galloway’s plan mentions schools reopening, but it doesn’t go into specifics. It suggests a “data-driven approach for safely reopening schools” that provides “clear guidelines for when local decision makers can offer fully in-person school.” Those guidelines have not been provided.

Finally, the plan suggests creating a state task force. The group be made up of top doctors across the state and would be responsible for providing daily public updates and suggestions. It would also be tasked with maintaining state data and “ensuring that the state would not have to rely on hospitalization data from the CDC.”

Missouri’s economy

Galloway’s plan advocates for requesting more aid from the U.S. Congress. It also would form an economic relief council, made up of labor members, business leaders, and small business owners. The council would advise the governor on the best ways to stabilize and recover the state economy.

The plan also advocates for wage replacement, where the state reimburses sick workers lost wages if their employer does not cover their sick leave.

Finally, her plan would also focus specifically on Black-owned businesses affected by the pandemic.

“As part of her Opportunity Agenda, Auditor Galloway will reorganize the Department of Economic Development to include a department of Minority Business that will be charged with ensuring vulnerable small businesses in Black and Brown communities are able to withstand future economic uncertainties,” the plan states.

Government spending

Galloway’s plan would create a state team to help counties spend their federal CARES Act money.

“Utilizing these resources is being stalled, and Jefferson City needs to do more to ensure communities can use this aid on critical needs like contact tracing and PPE,” it states.

Her plan also acknowledges a $35 million-plus state government debt to county government, which she plans to reimburse. She did not specify which funds would be allocated to these debts.

Read the full plan on Nicole Galloway’s campaign website.