BRIDGETON, Mo. – Governor Mike Parson will be in Bridgeton Wednesday, August 24 touting his plan to cut state income taxes.

The governor’s tax cut proposal is a key part of an upcoming special session for lawmakers in Jefferson City.

Davidson Logistics is a family-owned shipping company on Missouri Bottom Road in Bridgeton. Parson is set to be there at 11:00 a.m. He will be promoting what he called his historic tax cut plan as well as his proposal to extend agricultural tax credits.

Here’s a video of Governor Parson in the Kansas City area Tuesday. That was his first stop in his statewide tour. Governor Parson said Missouri is in a financial position to enact a major tax cut. Parson wants to lower the state’s income tax rate from 5.4% to 4.8% and eliminate the bottom tax bracket.

Parson said under his plan if you’re a senior citizen and still in the workforce making less than $20,000 you will have no tax obligation to the state. Parson also said the tax cut would cost the state $700 million. The governor wants the legislature to pass his plan during an upcoming special session starting on September 6.

Parson told us the plan does not use any federal funds and does not take away from any one group or department, rather it’s all state general revenue.

“You’ve already got people out there saying you know we laid off 500 employees to do this, which is totally false,” Parson said. “That we’re not going to fully fund education which is totally false that’s why I’m out here making sure people understand, we’re maintaining the funding at the highest levels in education in our state’s history and we’re going to make sure we can maintain that. We’re going to fully fund Medicaid.”

Parson met Tuesday with house democrats about the plan. Democratic House Minority Leader Crystal Quade said the meeting went well, but she said the special session “is an election season ploy to change the subject after suddenly discovering that eliminating Missourian’s reproductive rights isn’t the winning issue republicans thought it would be. It is also a textbook example of fiscal irresponsibility.”

The governor also wants lawmakers to reauthorize tax credits for farmers extending them to six years.