Government’s hit or miss delivery of COVID vaccine makes it difficult to plan vaccinations in St. Louis area


ST. LOUIS – The head of the St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force says the federal government’s irregular shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine is making it difficult to make vaccination plans.

The incident commander of the pandemic task force Dr. Alex Garza said health systems don’t know how many doses they will receive until a day or two in advance.

Garza said nearly 100,000 doses of the vaccine have been given out to frontline health care workers in the St. Louis Area. Hospitals are just beginning to give out vaccines to other groups including those over 65 and those who are at risk for COVID.

“Some weeks we get a significant amount of vaccines and in other weeks we don’t receive any and so one of the things that we really need is a consistent delivery of vaccine and I know it’s challenging trying to load balance where vaccines get sent to but that is one of the things we really need to work on,” Garza said.

Garza said there is good news to report.

New hospital admissions of COVID patients in the St. Louis area have decreased from 94 yesterday to 68 today. The seven-day moving average of hospitalizations of confirmed COVID patients decreased from 679 yesterday to 662 today.


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