ST. LOUIS – A toddler accidentally shot and killed himself while playing with a gun last week. The grandfather is calling on gun owners to lock it up.

Retired St. Louis firefighter Lee Little is devastated over the loss of his grandson, Khori Patterson. He said the nearly 2-year-old died while playing with a gun.  

Investigators responded to the 900 block of Melvin last Wednesday. St. Louis police have not requested any charges in the case as the investigation continues.   

“This was a tragic accident,” Little said. “I’m broken.”    

Following the tragedy, Little has been moved by the support he’s received. He said residents in his Bellefontaine Neighbors neighborhood, along with some employees of the city, placed blue ribbons around streetlights on his block and balloons on his porch. 

“I just want everyone to know, how appreciative I am of that support,” Little said.  

He said he also wants everyone to make sure they secure any guns in their homes.  

“Kids are curious,” Little said. 

He said his grandson found a gun that belonged to a friend of the child’s mother.  

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