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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Grant’s Farm is winding down its summertime operations but has added new yearlings to the farm, giving families one last chance to “ooh” and “aah” before school begins.

“We just got in the yearlings from Warm Springs Ranch,” said Dave Hennen, herd manager of Budweiser Clydesdale Operations.

Grant’s Farm has welcomed five new Clydesdales to the farm.

“They’re just at six months old and they’re going to start their training process here at Grant’s Farm,” Hennen said.

Visitors coming out for a little pre-back-to-school fun can see them in the big stables at the back end of the parking lot.  

“They’ll just be running and playing. Just enjoying their youth per se,” Hennen said.

Hennen said the foals will stay at the farm while training.

“They’ll stay here until they are three years old. So, we’ll start with the general care, picking up their feet, tying, and clipping,” he said. “Get them into all of that, then we’ll get them into the bitting rigs and training farther on in their career.

Beginning August 22, Grant’s Farm will be open on weekends only, although private tours will be offered during the week, including the popular Clydesdale Close Up Tour.

“You get the behind-the-scenes. You actually get to brush and pet one of the older Clydesdales,” Hennen said. “So, it’s hands-on. It’s a really nice experience.”

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