ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying and locating four people seen stealing checks from St. Charles County churches’ mailboxes.

According to a spokesperson for the St. Charles County Police Department, the thefts happened between the first week of June and first week of August. Three different vehicles were seen on surveillance cameras pulling up to the mailboxes as the thieves looked for checks to take.

The thieves later cashed the checks via unknown persons and means, police said.

The people who wrote the checks did not know they had been stolen, and the churches did not know the checks had been sent.

Investigators released surveillance images of the suspects, which you can view below.

The suspects’ vehicles were described as:

  • Newer model Mercedes ML 350, silver in color, bearing an unknown state temporary plate of 501304F4.
  • Newer 4-door sedan, black in color, bearing no rear plate and a front International plate of MDT5612.
  • Newer Honda minivan, bearing an unknown state temporary plate of 94153L-9.

Police are warning St. Charles County residents to contact their local church or church-affiliated school to confirm they have received any checks sent.

Anyone with information on the individuals seen in the surveillance images is asked to contact Detective Michael J. Yarbrough with the St. Charles County Police Department at 636-949-3000 (ext. 5440) or by email at