Parent finds gun and ammo inside south St. Louis book box


ST. LOUIS – Jeremiah Flerchinger found a bag outside of a book box where kids in the area borrow books.  When he discovered what was inside, he called the police. What they asked him to do with it shocked him. 

“What we found was a handgun and a magazine full of ammunition,” Flerchinger said.

He lives in the Shaw neighborhood and called the police immediately.

“Big shock. Kind of freaked us out a little bit,” he said.

The dispatcher told Flerchinger to bring the bag and its contents to the south city patrol station and call when he arrived. He said it was “a little bit odd and unreal but that’s what they directed us to do.”

When Flerchinger arrived with the bag and that carried the gun and ammunition, “they freaked out and said ‘Oh my God that person should not have told you that,’ ”

He sat and waited because dispatch told him someone would be out to get it.

“We sat there for a while and saw probably five patrol cars go by,” Flerginger said. “Called back after about an hour while sitting outside the station, and said ‘Hey is anyone going to come out and grab this bag?’ ”

He waited some more, called again, and then dispatch told him to go home.

“They said we could go home so we went with the firearm back home and sat there with it in the house,” Flerchinger said.

Hours later “someone finally came by. Two like totally tired, exhausted-looking officers very polite apologized profusely and they were taken back by how the whole thing was handled when we talked to them,” he said.

The incident was brought up to Ward 8 Alderwoman Annie Rice’s attention on the Shaw neighborhood’s Facebook page.

Rice said it wasn’t any ordinary day in the area.

“There were a number of incidents over in this area of the Shaw neighborhood last night,” she said. “It’s still an active investigation and the police, and detectives, are doing a great job trying to piece together all of the pieces.” 

As a parent and resident, Flerchinger said he had to get involved even if it took hours.

“I have an 11-year-old and he has friends come over, and they play in the alleyway right there, and they play in the front yard that’s right next to the alleyway where that bag and that firearm was found,” he said.

FOX 2’s Ty Hawkins reached out to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department but have not heard back.

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