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ST. LOUIS – Gun violence ramped up in St. Louis and St. Louis County this weekend. One homicide happened at a birthday party. 

Not only are local police departments investigating, the Major Case Squad has been called in for the killing at the birthday party.  

Police said a rolling gun battle began on Etzel in Wellston and ended with a victim crashing his vehicle into a parked car in the city also on Etzel. The victim was taken to the hospital. City homicide detectives were called but the North Patrol Police Cooperative took charge because it began on their turf.  

Just before that on Laurel a person was shot and police say the victim was not conscious or breathing. 

About an hour before that on Lucille a 30-year-old man was shot and killed. Many evidence markers were used to show where all the bullet casings landed. 

Dana Ervin is a friend of the man who was killed in Pine Lawn Friday night at a birthday party.

“He was just a good person I’m very sad to hear about what happened to him. It’s just a sad situation,” she said.

Ervin spoke about 34-year-old Jermarrio Morris who was shot in the head and killed just before 11 Friday night. Two other people were wounded and survived. Because it was dark police say witnesses are not certain what they saw. The Major Case Squad was investigating. 

Tony Stewart is the Public Information Officer for the Major Case Squad. Stewart said, “We’ve actually had conflicting stories that it was a drive-by or someone running through the group.” 

He said they’ve recovered multiple guns and shell casings and those shell casings are also providing a challenge. Stewart added, “There were some shell casings that were out in the weather a little bit, trying to figure out which was new which was old may hinder some of that process.” 

Detectives don’t know if some of the casings are from a previous shooting or something else. 

Dana Ervin said, “Definitely tired of all the gun violence, it’s so unnecessary, it’s just another senseless killing in our area.” 

The Major Case spokesman said the person being celebrated at the birthday party was not shot. He indicated the party was for adults not children.