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ST. LOUIS – With Halloween less than two months away, some Halloween stores usually packed with items are facing a looming shortage.

Walking through the halls at Johnie Brock’s Dungeon, you may not believe they’re facing some shortages.

“There’s still some stuff coming in, it’s just going to take a while,” Johnie Brock’s Dungeon Manager Jacob Sigmund said.

“A lot of the stuff is now spread out a little bit more so then we can have another product put in there too like accessories are closer to the items so yeah there’s a little less stuff.”

Shipping delays due to COVID-19 have not made it easy to get the level of costumes, animatronics, and accessories as usual.

One example is some of their popular skeleton decorations.

“This is what we finally got 5 days ago and we worked something out with some people and we finally got them in,” Sigmund said.

A lot of other favorites aren’t here yet but are coming. Some of the newer costumes may not come until October.

“Our customers know who we are and we’re trying to get them the products that they want,” Sigmund said.

The same goes for those shopping at Spirit Halloween.

“That would make me really upset if we weren’t able to be what we wanted to be for Halloween,” customer Jessye Comegys said, “and then having to possible make our own would be devastating for my kids.”

Despite the impending delays, there’s also a lack of staff to help with shoppers.

Johnie Bock’s Dungeon is down 15 employees compare to previous years during this time.

Sigmund says they had hundreds come out on Sunday alone.

The issue is for those looking for costumes overseas, many of which are stuck on shipping containers abroad.

“I don’t know when this will end and it does affect us now and hopefully won’t affect us next year, but I mean we’re going to make the best of it this year,” Sigmund said.

A year many would love to dress up and escape from.