HAZELWOOD, Mo.  – Police found the man they say killed his wife in their Hazelwood home Sunday while their young children were inside.

“We have warrants issued for his arrest, for multiple charges including endangerment to a child and murder in the first degree and he is a danger to the public at this time. And we suspect that he committed this crime and the sooner we get him into our custody the better,” Lt. Tim Burger said as the search was underway.

Police said he was taken into custody without incident and he will be taken to the St. Louis County Justice Center.

Officials said Smith beat, stomped on, and stabbed his wife inside their Hazelwood home. Lt. Burger said Smith is facing child endangerment charges because the couple’s infant and young son were in the room when Smith stabbed their mother.

“This whole incident, I’m sure, is going to be very traumatizing for the children. One was a very small infant, however, the other one is a little bit older and knowledgeable of the events that occurred,” said Lt. Burger. He said when officers got to the home, they could smell gasoline and said it was a gruesome scene in the home. The couple’s son is the original 911 caller.

“Basically that there was an incident that occurred and that his mother was described serious injuries to his mother and that he needed the police to come and that his father was the perpetrator and that he had left the scene,” said Lt. Burger.

He said the SUV Smith was driving had Washington state plates and the back passenger side tire wheel was black and different from the others.