ST. LOUIS – HAZMAT crews investigated two abandoned waste barrels Thursday in St. Louis.

According to the St. Louis Fire Department, the HAZMAT team discovered old flooring or some sort of broken up material, though did not detect any hazardous liquids. As a precaution, crews sealed the barrels used ChemTape.

Investigators determined some potential risks with the barrels. Though the contents inside didn’t pose any immediate concerns, firefighters say the barrels could contain carcinogenic materials with the potential to cause future health concerns, if inhaled.

While investigating the barrels, crews placed yellow “caution” tape around them and an orange-paper note that reads: “DANGER … THIS CONTAINER MAY CONTAIN HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES … AVOID ANY CONTACT.”

It appears the situation Thursday has been handled, though the note said to contact the St. Louis Health Commissioner if there are any further inquires in handling barrels or potential hazardous materials.